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If you haven’t checked out the Adobe Exchange you need to!!!

It’s free and members benefit from learning opportunities, teaching materials, & discussions.  Get instant access to free courses, workshops, & teaching materials and connect with the creative educators from around the world.

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Adobe Digital Careers Activities

The Adobe Digital Careers activities contain an instructor guide (with learning objectives, step-by-step teaching instructions, assessment rubric, and details on alignment to the Adobe Certified Associate exams), student technical guides or worksheets and demo assets. Each activity will take between 1-3 hours to teach, depending on the activity and the level of your students.

Activities can be adapted, used on their own, or combined in a sequence to create projects and curriculums.

In most cases, files were updated on July 17, 2017 to Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017.1 (April 2017) release.

My OCD kicked in and I had to organize the lessons and assets in order. That link is below.

Adobe Curriculum Lesson and Assets folders

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